Biarritz 20050910

Check out day. After breakfast, we packed our cases, paid Madame Henriette Lamarangins, and drove up to the centre of Bidart village for a dander.

As fate would have it, there was an open market taking place. I bought a “Bidart Surfing Club” t-shirt from a group of kids, who were selling them to raise money for a 10-day surfing trip to Morocco.

We also inspected the local church. A wedding was about to take place, and we saw the wedding party while we ate lunch.

After buying some postcards of Bidart, we walked up to a nearby shrine, from which there were fantastic panoramic views. The sky was clear, and there was a pleasant breeze off the ocean.

We said farewell to Madame Bidart, and set out for Biarritz for a quick shopping mission. Madame Oui and I had a fight by the time we arrived. I wasn’t happy about her navigation skills, as I ended up relying on my own instincts and memory to get us there and successfully parked.

Madame Oui got her watch and I got my t-shirt, which was an event in itself, as the clerks told me that my size didn’t come in, but then I found one hanging on the rack!

We finished our Biarritz experience with a last drink in an outdoor cafe. I had a strawberry Pago drink, which are absolutely delicious.

Took the motorway home. After a 2-hour monotonous drive, we stopped at a Leon Mulle & Frites for dinner. Our meals were great, but the service wasn’t (2 hours for one course).

We made it to the Boueilhs’ house, relieved and tired.

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