Biarritz 20050909

Glorious sunrise. Madame Oui and I walked up to point at the central beach in Bidart to watch sun rise. Some surfers were already out at 8.00 am.

After breakfast, we went  to St Jean de Luz for the day. Got to the beach by noon. Complete sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. I was relishing every minute of it.

Hired a parasol, which proved a wise decision. Pops, Madame Oui, and I swam out to the pontoon. We had fun diving off it. I even jumped (not dove) off the 10 metre board.

Before leaving, I got the obligatory t-shirt: Surfing Soixante Quatre. 64 is the number of this region of France. For example, Bordeaux is region 33. shops will sell t-shirts and the like featuring the region number (usually encircled).

We ate at a nearby restaurant, but only ate a main course because Madame Oui was determined to attend a scheduled pillote Basque match. We all had traditional Basque meals. Mine was jabon with pipente sausage.

On the way to the match, it got very windy and started to drizzle rain. Pa and Mum turned back to the house, while Madame Oui and I headed on. Although the gate was closed, we crawled through an opening in the fence. After just 10 minutes of play, the match was abandoned as it began to rain heavily. We made it back to our gite, albeit wet.

Inside, the owner, Henriette, and Madame Oui had a good chat. I stood by for the translation. Neither Madame Oui nor I could believe that Henriette is 76. She is a wee dote, as one would say.

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