Biarritz 20050908

Day started with another trip to the supermarket. Needed water, left with more. I bought Madame Oui a skirt and top she wanted.

Had a quick lunch at the Crepe Restaurant in Bidart. I enjoyed my chorizo and cheese crepe.

Met up with Jacques and Nicole. Pleasant surprise to be able to see them again.

We headed off to St Jean de Luz. Went for a short walk to a point with a great view of the main beach. We then went into the town centre, but the hard rain forced Jacques and Nicole into taking us into the mountains.

We drove up into serious Basques country. Stopped at a couple of villages. Pops and I had fun taking photos.

Nicole bought a traditional Basque pastry. We ate it at a place on the border between France and Spain, where people come to buy alcohol and cigarettes tax free. It was like a type of legitimate smuggling store. We enjoyed the cherry filled Basque pastry.

I bought a key fob of pillot Basque (or jai-lai, as I know it from New England). I showed it to all, and Jacques like it (as he used to play the sport). In French, he reminded me that he was a champion player. I had Madame Oui reply that he was a living legend. He particularly enjoyed that.

After following Jacques and Nicole theough a pleasant coastal drive, we said goodbye to them back in Bidart. Mum didn’t like saying goodbye. Jacques said, “Next year!” We always have such a wonderful time with them.

Ate dinner at a beachside restaurant, Bela Gorri. Although it was a little pricey, we limited ourselves to a main course and an excellent bottle of Rioja. I had breast of duck in a delicious orange sauce. My crème brulee desert was wonderful, too. We all enjoyed our meal.

With any luck, the sun will come out tomorrow. It rained continously all day today. I’m impressed how much we made the most of such a bad weather day. Thanks be to Jacques and Nicole.

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