Biarritz 20050906

Went to Biarritz for the day, as the weather didn’t look promising and figured it was a good way of orienting ourselves.

Parked the car in a garage so I didn’t have to figure out the street parking system.

We found a bench along the promenade at the beach. Had a basic but yummy lunch there. Madame Oui and I took a stroll along the beach. Far too strong currents to swim in, we enjoyed looking the surfers’ attempts.

I found a cool t-shirt. Didn’t have my size, but I can return later to get one.

Took a long walk along the coast. Ended up at the maritime museum, with a bridge walk out to the Virgin Rock.

By dinner time, I had a headache that food, water and tea didn’t remove. Ended up driving home in the pouring rain, still with the headache. Not the best end to my day. But everyone enjoyed themselves all the same.

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