Community Relations: Groundwork conference

Notes from Groundwork conference:

Neil Jarman:

  • Single Identity Work is valuable, but a building block of a larger goal; the network among the blocks is what is important.


  • Community cohesion is a multi-cultural vision, not a single-identity vision. Mainstreaming means the centre needs to change. Community relations and community development is the means to achieve community cohesion.

Mary Bunting:

  • Mainstreaming: Exec Depts taking community cohesion work on board
  • Challenge of ‘joined up’: too much public administration, gap of public service delivery and expectation on the ground
  • Sustainability:
  • Single Identity work: how this fits in with community cohesion work
  • Cost of segregation and a weak economy:
  • Respect and relationships: local community leaders showing good examples
  • Good practice and learning together

She envisages:

  • Enhanced District Council Good Relations programmes, which includes ethnic minorities
  • Enhanced CRC, with increased political and civic representation
  • Tri-annual action plan on Good Relations

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