Maldives 20050128

Slept in again, and had another late breakfast. Went looking for sea turtles at 11.30 am, and caught up with Lutz and Anna in the water. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any. But the water was very clear, the best in three weeks according to Lutz. He played us some of the underwater video clips afterwards, and the shot was impressive.

As it was our last full day, we took it easy. Had lunch, took a mid afternoon nap, paid our bills, and went to the souvenir shop. Bought a couple of good books on the Maldives. Madame Oui got a couple of “Maldivian time” t-shirts: clock faces without any hour or minute hands.

While we were relaxing on our front deck, Andrew and Mel walked past. Had a pleasant chat, and they showed us some of the other resorts that they have been to, showed in one of the books we just got.

Dinner was special: our table was covered with fresh tropical flowers. The menu was “Greek night”, and was a good meal. Afterwards, we enjoyed a cup of our own tea on our front deck.

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