Maldives 20050125

I awoke just before sunrise, but it was overcast, so there was no point in waking Madame Oui. We both slept in, more tired than we appreciated from yesterday. After a late breakfast, we packed a day beach bag and went to the pool. Madame Oui chilled out on a deck chair, and finished reading her latest novel. I went out to the lagoon to snorkel, armed with a hired underwater-proofed digital camera from ProDivers.

The edge of the house reef at the lagoon is not nearly as spectacular as that of Filitheyo, but I was enjoying the swim and the sights nonetheless. For example, there was the shipwreck site, which was pretty cool to see from only a snorkelling point of view. The prize sight was what appeared to be a blue tipped shark, about 1 metre long. I couldn’t get my camera around fast enough, and it was too far away. Instead, I just stared at it while it just sleekly slipped into the deep blue sea.

The viewfinder of the camera was pretty useless while I was in the water. Couldn’t make much of anything out. So I just shot a lot of images and hoped for the best. I used up all of the memory right towards the end of my swim, so I headed straight in (then seeing some more wonderful images I couldn’t record).

We had lunch at the other main restaurant, which I thought might have caused a diplomatic incident. As Sangu guests, we are entitled to eat there free. But you are supposed to make a reservation beforehand with one of the a la carte restaurants, which I failed to do. We got seated and enjoyed our fried tuna fish and gumbo fried chicken. Our villa is located right between the two main restaurants, and we found it more convenient to eat near the pool, rather than pack everything up to walk all the way over to Sangu. But we didn’t notice any other Sangu guests lounging at the pool. After lunch we went for a quick dip. Refreshing.

Axel from ProDivers showed me how to delete images I didn’t want. I then went back out into the lagoon, starting where I left off. Got some nice shots of parrot fish and live coral. When I returned the camera to get the CD burnt of the images, I got to see them on screen. I am pretty happy with the result. In the end, I must have shot about 100 images, and kept the near 70 allowed by memory. Cost me £15, better than the guess work of shooting with an underwater film camera, and the cost of unwanted prints. I’m a convert to digital underwater photography.

After dinner, we had drinks in the Sangu Bar with new English friends, Andrew and Melanie. They described their trip early in the day on a catamaran. The water was choppy. Andrew found it exhilarating, while Melanie was hanging on for her life. During the conversation, a Kuredu rat ran across Melanie’s foot. Madame Oui actually spotted the rat, and it squeaked before running across the sand covered bar floor. The full Kuredu experience.

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