Maldives 20050124

Had a relatively early light breakfast before our 10.00 am snorkelling tour with Nicola, our ProDivers guide from Switzerland. Three of the guests quit swimming after only a few minutes. One young woman was so timid of the water, I was surprised that she made the original decision to go out. The remaining four of us, plus Nicola, had a good swim. The reef at Filitheyo is easily better than this one, but we saw enough fish all the same. In fact, I saw a couple of new varieties. The highlight was the sight of a large (1 metre wide by 1.5 metres long) sting ray. It had just parked itself on the bottom, and was getting cleaned by some tiny fish. It was a long swim back to the shore. The whole excursion was supposed to be 1 hour, but it stretched to about 2. We were a little tired from all this, and appreciated our lunch (pork ribs) all the more.

The weather here is getting predictable. Or should I say unpredictable. It can be blissfully sunny and hot one hour, then humidity rises with high winds and a rainstorm will come in. It will then stay cloudy for several hours before breaking up again. Today we timed it about right, as it was sunny for our snorkelling and lunch, while in the afternoon we just relaxed indoors reading books, enjoying the ocean view from our wide windowed front door.

I took advantage of the “down time” to backup more camcorder data to a CD. I’ve recorded over 2GB of data so far, and I only have one blank CD left. But I’ll be okay. I’m just so glad that I brought the laptop (with CD writer) and blank CDs with me. A lifesaver.

Went down to ProDivers to signup for the wall tour, only to learn that it has been cancelled and won’t be available again until after we leave. Another option is the full day snorkelling tour, which I’m trying to talk Madame Oui into doing. Nichole was there to give us some more options.

It was happy hour at the pool bar: two for one on the cocktail drinks. I got a mango margarita and Madame Oui got a Maitai. They were pretty much undrinkable, made from really low grade liquor. We took a few sips and then got some plain juices. Discussed our plan for tomorrow, which mainly consists of sitting at the pool. Walked back to our villa right at the time of sunset, which was special and romantic.

Dinner at Sangu was as good as ever. Ate outdoors, and the night sky cleared to reveal the moon. We walked home along the beach, and Madame Oui looked beautiful in the moonlit rays. I drew out “Mr Ulster loves Madame Oui” [sic!] in the sand. Remarkably, it turned out in the photo.

Back at the villa, we initiated our jacuzzi. I thought the water was quite hot while it was being drawn, but Madame Oui said, “You’ve haven’t had a bath in a while then.” But when it was finished, she complained about the water being too hot! Some more cold water later and we had a relaxing soak, with orange oil added to the mix.

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