Maldives 20050121

Jo left us her business card on our breakfast table, with a kind note. Their wakeup call was at 4.30 am for a 5.30 departure. I was hoping that we didn’t share the same fate.
We went to the pool bar to lay out for the morning. A nice idea, until the wind picked up at about noon. Sure enough, another rainstorm was on its way. Having stayed out late enough last night, we knew better and got indoors. We were inside no more than 10 minutes when it began to pour. Those poor suckers left at the pool.
I saw Riyaz and requested that Madame Oui and I took a later (than 5.30 am) seaplane flight to Male, as we had all day to get to Kuredu. If he could minimise the time waiting at the terminal for the second flight, all the better.
We had one of our indoor lunches (it was a great idea to bring packets of soup). I accompanied Madame Oui to the spa, where she had a pedicure. (Her feet looked fabulously new afterwards.) I went to the cashier to make change, but it was closed, so I went to the beach for a browse. I discovered where the hermit crabs must get some of their great shells. I ended up doing some shell harvesting. Got some beauties: black and white, long and pointy, and red and blue pieces of already-broken coral.
I finally got round to backing up some of the photos and videos, using the CD writer in my laptop. Glad I brought the laptop and blank CDs. Since my camcorder is tapeless, I worry about losing data on the SD memory cards.
We took a farewell tour of the island, investigating paths we had hitherto not explored. This included a superficial inspection of the water villas. We couldn’t see inside them, but we could see the attraction of staying in one, nonetheless. Yet we still like the beachfront of our beach villa.
While getting ready for dinner, we received our summary letter from guest reception. It stated that we were to receive a wakeup call at 4.30 am, for a 5.30 departure. We were not too pleased with this, and I immediately went to reception to enquire, explaining that I had spoken to Riyaz earlier in the day about this. The concierge made several phone calls for me on the spot, and the summary was that Kuredu expected to have us on the 9.45 am flight, and that there were no seats available on the later seaplane flight from Filitheyo. I’m suspicious about this: who controls the flight times anyway? But in our satisfaction questionnaire I noted that it would have been better if we could have received notice sooner (than the 10 hour notice we got).
Knowing that we would have to leave so early the next morning, we had to cancel our plan to visit the Sunset Bar one last time. Madame Oui was antagonised about the change in plans, and to add insult to injury, it was absolutely pouring rain when we went to dinner. We saw our new German friends, Ira and Andreas, one last time at the restaurant, and we exchanged cards. When we saw all of our English friends, we told them about our situation (“So what time do you guys leave tomorrow?”). They were as surprised as we were. At least this prompted one of them to make sure that they were on a later departure when they go.
The dinner theme was Asian, and I was delighted to see some Maldivian food offered. I had some sort of Maldivian fish in coconut cream. It tasted something like Korma sauce. Loved it. We also enjoyed drinking our complimentary bottle of white wine, which we received as honeymooners. For dessert, I had coconut cake (like pound cake) with coconut ice cream. Yummy.
Packing our cases took a little longer than expected, and we got to bed at about midnight for our four hour sleep. It was still raining when we went to bed, and Madame Oui was particularly worried about having to take the morning boat trip to the seaplane, in pouring rain and in the dark. Indeed, the air conditioning fan played tricks on my ears, and I awoke thinking that it was still raining; it wasn’t.

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