Maldives 20050120

Slept in. Cheese and tomato omelettes for us both. Delivered our tsunami donation to Riyaz, and took a photo. We both felt good about our small donation. Hopefully it will go to good benefit. It has certainly lighted our baggage load.

Both of us enjoyed a complimentary shoulder and neck massage. The two women (and their manager) are from Bali. After the 10 minute massage, I didn’t want to stand up. I hardly felt like my shoulders existed, they were so relaxed. We chatted with the manager for a while, and Madame Oui booked a pedicure for tomorrow. The prices are good value, too.

Spent the early afternoon on our deck chairs underneath a closer palm leaf umbrella, with our neighbouring German guests gone. I started reading the Nelson Mandela autobiography I picked up from the library last night. It’s a good read. I like his writing style: keeps the story moving along.

Shared a fish and chips at the Sunset Bar. I went for a long snorkel, from point 7 to 4. The current wasn’t as strong today, which made it an easier swim. I had a new underwater camera with me, and I had hoped that I wouldn’t use all of the exposures, but there were just too many fantastic shots I couldn’t ignore. Saw some large tuna and huge pirate and parrot fish. Also saw some new living coral, which was a pleasure to see. Some of those photographs have to be good ones.

In the evening, we had originally planned to simply retire and have a cup of our own tea. Instead, we got talking to Darren and Jo again. It was their last night, and we went for a drink with them and another pair of English couples in the bar nearby. We got to know the new English guests a little better, and it was an enjoyable way to end the evening. At the end, there was a gust of wind and I thought, “How nice and refreshing.” However, the staff immediately ran about removing the cushions from the chairs. They obviously knew something we didn’t: a rainstorm was coming. It soon began to pour. It was no passing shower. We abandoned hope after about an hour and just had to run back to our villas in the downpour.

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