Maldives 20050119

Got up early to watch the sunrise this morning. Brought a couple of chairs out to the water’s edge. Great sight.

After yet another yummy breakfast — I had French toast and a chocolate waffle — we simply went back to the villa and set out our deck chairs underneath one of the palm leaf umbrellas.

I was surprised how easy it was to pass so much time away doing nothing. I read quite a bit of the Lonely Planet’s guide to the Maldives. Good guide. Madame Oui finished her book, The Bookseller of Kabul.

Went for a quick swim in the sea. Took some cute videos of us swimming about.

For lunch, we had one of our in-house specials, instant tomato soup, along with various pieces of bread that we collected from the past few meals. We find that some days we’re not hungry enough for a full lunch, especially if we’ve had a large dinner the night before and large breakfast the morning of.

We laid around a bit, enjoying the air conditioning. Then went for a beach stroll towards reception. Walked through the spa area, which is special. Posted our postcards.

Walked along the reception dock, where the water was very shallow and there were numerous fish about. Another excellent opportunity to film, I got lucky and captured a black tipped shark in the water. Exciting!

Checked out the library. Madame Oui took away a summer novel written in German, while I found Nelson Mandela’s biography. The way it works is that you can take away any book you want, and leave any behind. The reason why there are so many German books and magazines left behind is because all of the English language ones are snapped up by the staff.

Tonight was a Mexican theme night at the restaurant. I took more beef burro than I could finish, but I enjoyed the meal all the same, especially the homemade pistachio ice cream (one of my favourite flavours).

Went into the souvenir shop and got our last items. Found a cute cotton cloth bag for Madame Oui: on one side is a large sea turtle and on the other is an atoll map showing Filitheyo. My prize object was a CD by a band called Boadha Bas, which is Maldivian.

Went for another stroll on the reception dock, to take in a moonlight swing. There was a spotlight on at the end of the dock, with numerous fish about. We also saw large crabs (not hermits) along the seashore. Alone on the swing, it was romantic. Another great finish to another great day.

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