Maldives 20050117

We got up and out of bed to watch the sunrise. Absolutely beautiful. Captured on video, too.

Being the last ones to finish dinner last night, we were the first ones in for breakfast, 7.30 am. I enjoyed some fresh waffles with maple syrup, while Madame Oui had some scrambled eggs, croissant, and lots of fruit. We’ve both been eating lots of fresh fruit. The pineapple is delicious. Madame Oui enjoys her fresh squeezed juice drinks.

Today we took our wooden deck chairs out to a palm-leafed covered shade. It was cloudy this morning, which actually didn’t bother me, as it was our first day out proper sunbathing. I got a little too adventurous and lied directly in the sunray’s path, slightly burning my chest and arm, even with factor 24 sun lotion on.

I went snorkelling, while Madame Oui enjoyed listening to the music played during our wedding reception (which was transferred over to my mp3 player). The snorkelling was fantastic. I saw a living piece of purple coral, which then made me appreciate the fact that the rest of the coral is bleached. The closer I got to the edge reef, the larger and more colourful the fish. The sheer drop in depth at the edge is impressive, from 20 feet deep to hundreds, immediately.

We had a light lunch (after having three large meals yesterday). Made some tomato soup, ate all the bread we had, and an apple and an orange. I was so tired (combination of jet lag, early wake up, hour long swim), that I just had to take a nap. Madame Oui joined and we didn’t awake until 4 pm.

We managed to go back into the water for a late afternoon snorkel swim. Now it was Madame Oui enjoying seeing all of the fish, and I brought an underwater snappy film camera with me this time. Just managed not to shot all of the 27 exposures. I didn’t think the setting sun would help, but the refraction effect was looking good in some areas, so I’m hoping there’ll be some decent photos.

I took my time getting back out of the water, and the sun just happened to be setting over the water villas. Another spectacular image.

We had a cup of our own tea before heading out for dinner. We decided to repeat this day for the rest of the week, and to stay away from the day excursions, which consume your whole day and are too fixed to a schedule. It hasn’t taken us long to relish the joy of doing much of nothing!

After dinner, we went into the tourist shop, and bought a palm leaf picture frame, postcards, and desk calendar for ourselves. I also got another underwater camera, for my snorkelling photos. The camera cost $26 (£14), which isn’t that much of a premium for not packing an extra one. Next time, I think I’m going to invest in a Reef Master camera, that you can reuse endlessly with fresh film (and has a large external viewfinder).

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