Maldives 20050116

My jetlag kicked in at 3.40 am, when I awoke wide awake, and wasn’t able to fall back to sleep until 5.30 am, just before sunrise. We still made our 9.30 breakfast deadline, but we noticed that they’re not too strict on the time here, thankfully. Of course the food served was as delicious as last night.

We asked Rashid if it would be possible to sit at another table. He seemed to interpret this as us not liking where he sat us last night, but we explained that we just wanted to vary our seating. He said that he would set up two tables for us, and we could choose between the two every sitting.

Today’s main event was just to discover the island. We took our time walking about, from the Sunset Bar right round. There are about 140 villas on the island (some must be for staff), so occupancy must be about 250, and there must be only about 50 guests here at the moment.

Discovered where they hide the power generators, building station, incinerator, and dhoni dock. They’re all tucked away in the north-east corner of the island. But I wouldn’t want villa 139, which is right next to it all.

We returned to the Sunset Bar for lunch. Just fish and chips, and quesadillas, but delicious and wonderfully presented. Is there anything they don’t do here with a polished touch? We topped it off with a tart and refreshing lime soda for me, and a fresh crushed pineapple juice for Madame Oui.

Wisely decided to stay out of the midday sun, which was very hot and bright. At about 3.30 pm, we went in the pool for a swim, where Madame Oui conversed in German with a couple (Ira and Andreas) who have been here 3 weeks. They were originally scheduled to go to Medhufushi, but with the tsunami washing away a third of that island, they transferred to Filitheyo. They’ve been coming to the Maldives for 10 years, and like the friendliness of Filitheyo.

The sunset was little earlier tonight, with low lying clouds. It was spectacular nonetheless. I took some photographs, of course. Indeed, I had a lot of fun with the new camcorder today. Best gadget I’ve ever had.

We were a little later getting to dinner tonight, about 8.30 pm. By 9 o’clock, most of the guests were finished and leaving. We were actually the last ones to go at 9.30. Rashid suggested that most people finish early to go to the bars. I replied that we liked to enjoy our meals. Rashid also told us that more guests had arrived, and that about two dozen were coming tomorrow. That’s good news for Filitheyo, but more competition for the Sunset Bar deck chairs.

After dinner we went to Sunset Bar for a late night cocktail, a raspberry daiquiri, which was delicious (of course). The scene was very romantic, with the moonlit sea, stars overhead, and the swimming pool and its palm trees lit with ambient light. We took the beach route back to our villa, and sat on the porch to listen to the waves crashing in the night.

We are truly enjoying our honeymoon. Whenever I’m feeling inspired during our stay, I say to Madame Oui, “Happy Honeymoon!”.

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