Bigotry in India

Bigotry and prejudice are not the exclusive domain of Northern Ireland, of course. I found interesting a story (“Untouchables in battle for better jobs”) of how university-educated Indians are prevented from taking up skilled jobs because of their caste. What a waste of talent.

The Indian government has proposed to extend public sector job quotas to those from the lowest castes. This is being opposed by industrialists, who way that this is not basing reward on merit. However, their case might be more persuasive if they didn’t discriminate against the lower castes so much in the first place.

The article also reveals that Indians have their own “telling game”, as we do in Northern Ireland (which primary school did you go to; say the letter “h”). There, your name and where you’ve come from reveals your caste: “The basic bigotry is the same: you assume an entire ethnic group is incompetent.”

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