Fukuyama: Bring back big government (Guardian)

The Guardian Weekly re-published an article by Francis Fukuyama, “Bring back big government”, which was originally in the 4 July issue of the Observer (“Bring back the state”). I replied with a letter that was published in the 23 July issue of the Guardian Weekly (but no online link is available):

Francis Fukuyama cited America’s proven inability to provide strong governance to weak states and new regimes, as well as citing the wider international community being stumped over Bosnia and Kosovo (Bring back big government, July 9). Or are these cases of a lack of will?

In the same issue, Rajiv Chandrasekaran reports that the US government spent just 2% of an $18.4bn aid package (Irag gets fraction of US aid billions). One is mindful of the first US president, George Washington, warning of “beware of foreign entanglements”, but if our new world order is one of instant global communicatioin, where negligance does not go unpunished, then Fukuyama is corrent in saying that strong states — and particularly the US — will have to think seriously about state building.

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