Blogging and journalism

You can probably tell I’ve been thinking about weblogging a lot
recently. This piece by Rebecca Blood just about hits it on the head
for me on the old is blogging the new journalism. And it’s not because
she gives a favourable mention to my colleague David Steven’s work on
the Daily Summit in Johannesburg.

Mick Fealty @ 21 May 2004 11:14 AM

Interesting piece by Rebecca Blood. Essential elements of journalism
appear to require: (1) verifiability; and (2) third-party perspective.

Much of what many bloggers produce fails the third-party perspective.
After all, an attraction of blogging is self-aggrandisment.

But I’ve also seen an awful lot of lazy newspaper “journalism”, where a press statement is nearly replicated in its entirety.

Journalists or not, I think the aspect of verifiability makes for stronger arguments.

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