Sennheiser PX200

What a wonder piece of audio kit! This will vastly improve your enjoyment of whatever quality playback device you use — cheap or state-of-the-art.

Sennheiser is the standard headphone supplier for top DJs and recording professionals, and for good reason. What they have produced here is the best set of portable headphones for us commuters and travelers, and one that won’t make us look like audiophile geeks — they are just the right size.

Yet it is the superb quality of the bass and tones that make it worth paying that bit more. I can’t use the technical language to best describe this fantastic output, but you know it when you hear it.

I’m sure that there are other headphones with better sound, but I doubt they feature the compactness of the PX200.

Within the Sennheiser PX range, I would recommend the PX200. The PX250 is one better, with noise cancellation features (great for noisy plane and train journeys), but are twice the price. The PX100 cost a few quid less, but the PX200 are just that little bit more solid and dynamic.

[This review originally appeared at on 24 September 2003.]

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