Berlin 19891222

I woke up early and rushed down to Brandenberg Gate only to learn that the slabs of wall were removed sometime the night before. Soon I met Jorg, one of our group. He was from East Berlin. We chatted a bit, and began arguing about American intervention throughout the world. He was concerned about Panama. (Rightly so!, as the banner headline in the International Herald Tribune the next day read: “U.S. Invades Panama”.)

Kevin found us, and we waited in the steady light rain for 3 o’clock, when the official ceremonies were to happen. Afterwards, the West Berliners began to surge forward. I was suspecting this since the West German police had strangely removed the barricades between the people and the new entrances. We decided to join the masses and walk right into East Berlin

It was incredible bordering on the unreal. Overwhelming. It was November 9th relived. How can one describe the impressions of seeing over 100,000 people collecting at one place for such symbolic reasons? It turned into one large celebration. Numerous persons (myself included) climbed onto of the Wall for the most spectacular view. Soon enough some brandished hammer and chisels and began to chip away at the Wall from the east side! There was one young man who began to play various songs with a bugle. Listening to “Amazing Grace” moved me very much.

Kevin and I had to leave to catch our train to Munich. We said “goodbye” to Jorg, and vowed to keep in touch. During my long journey to Florence I was able to have the events of the previous week set in. It was the most rewarding experience I have had.

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